Sourcing agency and buying services

1.looking for factory,material, help developing prodcuts,After submitting your inquiry you’ll be assigned a professional customer representative to find suppliers and provide a quote to you within 2 working days.

2.Organize samples,customize your products,offer packing solutions. We help coordinate between you and the supplier to make production as smooth as possible.


3.checking the goods.
4.Help arrange the payment cost.


5.Arrange the warehouse, shipping or drop shipment;
6.Oem/ODM Services, delveop new materials, develop the new designs etc.
7.Low charging cost, and trustful,helpful


>>>sourcing and agency services

We are not only working as an leather goods manufacturer Also we are good at working as a trade agency ,suppling the agency service for trading, buyer sourcing services. If you are looking sourcing agent china, we can be one choice, sourcing agent Guangzhou.The products served are not limited to leather goods, handbags, purses ,belt, can also include furniture, machinery, clothing, shoes, medical equipment and other products. We are familiar with all kinds of product markets and competitiveness of the producing areas, there are also some quality of some qualified factory resources. sourcing and agency services to companies looking to expand their trade export markets or import new products.

>>>Sourcing suppliers

1>>> If you already have some co-operation of the factories, the production orders are complicated, and need a unified organization, we can help arranging the factories negotiations, arranging the orders. As long as you communicate with us and confirm with us. During the production, we can check the progress of production, product quality control and other issues. Sourcing products

2>>>If you do not have the appropriate factories or suppliers, need to find a suitable production plant or supplier, we will be based on our advantages, the search for the appropriate manufacturers or suppliers, to supply the china product sourcing as a sourcing agent.

>>> OEM support, Develop new things

3>>>On the development of products, for our strengths in the development of leather goods, we naturally mention, has many years of experience about communication and cooperation with customers, all the details for leather goods, from the hardware, the design of bags etc,The new technology, new materials development and searching , We are experienced, has more than 10 years of experience.

4.In addition, other types of products, such as furnitures, shoes and apparel, machinery, we are also very good at them, and served a lot of related guests, Regarding these products, we are happy in it,and learn it, an professional buyer agent in China. We provide relevant translation and communication services, product quality supervision, tracking the progress of production, looks as your other branch in China. various types products services

5.>>>To provide various types of warehousing services, customs services, shipping services. Assistance in export documentation, china direct sourcing.

6. >>> Warehouse, custom clearance, drop shipping, payment arrange.

7>>> As long as you believe us, you can put the relevant matters to us, eliminating the frequent travel.

8>>> If you happen to have the above needs, but also need to find a helper, we can as a choice. Welcome to contact us. We will be happy to help you.