RICH SUMMER handbags factory  is a  handbags manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China.

We supply  leather handbags, fashion PU handbags, hand-style leather bags, due to we have two bags production  lines,we also produce and sell fabric  bags, travel bags, nylon bags, backpacks. We not only support  Mass production of handbags and Customized order  for  ladies bags, but also producing  men’s bags, bags children etc .We provide high quality making  and reasonably priced  handbags products.

At the same time, Our company also keep producing  leather bags, ladies bags, etc., to maintain the   inventory to support the handbags  wholesale  on line.

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High quality = small details | small details = make a difference
We are making high quality lady bags …

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We have a professional  team for the handbags producing. Many of our staffs are working in this handbags industry for more than ten years. At the same time, the factory has strict management requirements. From the development and procurement of materials used in various types of bags, to the production of workshops and hand-stitching workshops, as well as quality inspection packaging, they are independent and strict processes to ensure products quality.

We can have a professional bags sample development workshop, which can develop and customize a unique product s according to each guest’s design requirements and drawings.

We can purchase the corresponding leather, PU, PVC fabrics from various types of materials market and our cooperative manufacturers according to the requirements and descriptions of the bags. For the guests who keep brands or want to start a new brands, we can also can help to develop and customize Unique leather and fabric  needed  to Assist in the development of branded bags.

At the same time assist in the development of various types of bag hardware and product packaging.

Whether you need to find a  handbags wholesale  supplie or need to find a handbags factory  for  customized order , we are a good choice for you.