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We are a handbags manufacturer located in the bags hometown,Guangzhou, China. We have been working in the handbags industry for more than fifteen years,and  very  familiar with the production process, material development and market trends of the industry, so we can complete the handbags customize design and the OEM order,  We are not the big factory, But we are one of good choice for the  OEM bag factory and handbags suppliers  in China.

As a handbag Manufacturer, we can produce  all kinds of handbags, laides handbags, men’s bags, backpacks, travel bags, real leather bags,denim bags, nylon bags, combination of various materials, leather, microfiber, PU, nylon, canvas, denim, with different production technology, Such as: silk screen, embossing, rivets, laser, embroidery, knitting etc, to develop a variety of fashion handbags and functionable bags.

Accept OEM personalized bags and custom bags, ,we  can develop a variety of LOGO according to customer requirements, including metal hardware, handbags lining, handbags materials , packing tag and so on. what we need is to provide detail drawings, then we can give detailed development plans.

Our handbags factory also keep some bags in stock to work as an online wholesale handbags  and handbags supplier, we welcome all the bags wholesalers and wholesale handbag distributors to purchase. We provide sports bags wholesale, PU leather handbags wholesale, men’s bags wholesale, wholesale ladies handbags etc,with good quality and good price. We are going to be one of your good handbags supplier in China .

Featured Handbag Styles

Handbags are the perfect complement to a woman who exudes self-confidence and chicness.RICH SUMMER  Handbag Manufacturer offers cluthes & evening bags, tote bags, hobo bags, satchel bags, messager bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, travel bags and more fashion handbags from our bags factory in china directly.


Evening & Clutch Bags

The evening bag is actually a clutch bags.There are differenct kinds of style, casual clutch bags,, punk style evening clutches,and simple style clutche., it also uses different styles for various occasions. Business-style clutch, leather or leather-based, simple style, fashion clutch,. There are also party  evening bags styles, which are more shiny, compact and exquisite. Many times, they will be matched with diamonds or gillter mateiral, hardware decorative frames, acrylic, and sequins to create a shiny and elegant style,sparkly. The clutch bags  is popular  at the party, and now people also like to take it while shopping or walking. We can design, produce and customize a variety of style clutches and can offer kinds clutch bags, and also one of good clutch bags suppliers  for wholesale .


Tote Bags

An important package for daily life, this bag has a large capacity and is not easy to be outdated. At the same time, it is also popular and environmentally friendly. Commuting, shopping, and vacation can be backed up. With a Tote bag, you can install your world.

Compared to the briefcase, the Tote bag does not appear to be too formal, even if it is not taken out on commute days, it can be very casual; compared with the super-loaded backpack, a suitable Tote bag can be very good. Help you to store your daily needs and free your pockets and hands.

After a long period of development, the Tote bag has become more and more rich in materials and design styles, embroidered tote bags, tote bags printing,, quilted tote bags, handmade tote bags, canvas tote bags, cotton tote, nylon, leather tote bags, etc., gradually become a classic piece for fashion lovers.


Hobo Bags

When you’re looking for the perfect functional accessory, hobo bags are ideal—especially for the woman on the go who just wants to throw everything she needs into one convenient handbag and get out the door! With a variety of features and styles to choose from, this type of handbag is unmatched when it comes to easy storage. While some hobo bags have a slouchy silhouette, there are also those with a more structured, compact styling.

Functionally, it can be shoulder hobo bags, or cross body hobo bags, welcome to customize a variety of handbags hobo, but also wholesale handbags on line.


Crossbody & Messenger Bags

Messenger bags is a corssbody bags, it can be slanted back or shoulder, at the same time, it can also be a side bags; post men bags; The bag is no longer for laides, the bags  has become a man’s personal items, especially the crossbody bag, is not only convenient but also generous. The structural design of the crossbody bag determines the practicality, durability and comfort of the bag. Messgner bags can be mini, cute and can also be designed as work bags, office bags and laptop messenger bags .We are the handbags manufacturer ,suppling the wholesale bags and OEM bags.


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